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Guitar Lessons for Adults

Learn to Play the Classical Guitar in 20-30 Minutes Per Day

Learning to play the guitar on your own is difficult. Throw a busy career, children and housework into the equation and it can seem almost impossible. 
But with the right guidance and personalised practice regime you could learn to play the classical guitar in just 20-30 minutes per day.

Our guitar lessons for adults help you target the key areas to improve. We then provide you with easy to achieve practice objectives. You’ll never experience the frustration that comes from practicing the wrong thing ever again! 
Your practice sessions will be productive, engaging and enjoyable right to the last note.

There are a lot of negative beliefs about learning an instrument as an adult. Many adults believe it’s simply too late to learn but that’s just not true!  We’ve taught hundreds of adults to play the guitar from scratch.  Let us help you too.

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Guitar Lessons for Adults

Guitar Lessons The CGA Way

The first step is to book a free consultation lesson. This can be arranged on a weekday evening on a convenient day/time.

We will discuss what you’d like to achieve and make a plan to help you meet those goals. If you’re a complete beginner you will then be given an introductory lesson. This covers the basic posture and movements of the hands. If you’ve played guitar before, you may be asked to play something. This helps us to make a preliminary assessment of your level. If this sounds too daunting and you don’t wish to play anything, that’s ok! You can opt to be put through your paces with a series of exercises which will serve the same purpose.

Once we’ve had chance to make an assessment of your level, we will suggest areas where you could improve. We will also outline the things we would cover in lessons if you wish to continue.

After the lesson you’ll have chance to ask any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask anything you like! We want to help you in any way we can so fire away.

You’re welcome to book further lessons at this point if you wish. But rest assured we won’t pressure you into it. Many people like to take a few days to think about it before booking lessons.

If you decide to take guitar lessons with us then first of all thank you! We can’t wait to begin working with you.

At your first proper lesson we will begin working on one of the goals set out during your consultation. If you’re a complete beginner we will build on the basic skills using a suitable method book. We like ‘Guitarist’s Way’ but others are available too. If you’re an intermediate or advanced guitarist then we will begin to build a practice routine geared towards helping you develop. It may take a few lessons to build this up, as there are many elements to include. We incorporate a range of exercises, scales, studies and repertoire pieces to form the most comprehensive practice routine possible.

Each guitar lesson will build on the previous week’s work. We introduce new ideas and practice objectives only when applicable. We will be constantly assessing and evaluating your progress so that we can tailor your next lesson.

At the end of each lesson we review your practice objectives for the week ahead. Knowing exactly what you need to work on helps to keep you motivated and on target to achieve your goals.

Whilst we do everything we can during your lesson to help you achieve your goals, this all counts for nothing if you don’t practice! Having set out your practice objectives in your lesson, it is now up to you to spend time each day working on them.

Luckily the tasks we set for you are usually good fun and will give you great sense of achievement when completed.

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What: Private guitar tuition for Adults (Beginner to post grade 8)

How Much: £16-£30 – See prices for details

When: By appointment (weekday evenings)

Where: Classical Guitar Academy, Studio 3.2, Banks Mill Studios, 71 Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB

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