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About Amalio Burguet Guitars

Amalio Burguet was just 15 when he built his first guitar. He has since dedicated his life to the art and craft of guitar luthiery. This is a vision now shared by Amalio’s son Damien and his wife Vanessa. The Amalio Burguet workshop is based in Catarroja, just outside Valencia in Spain (also the hometown of Amalio Burguet). The construction of these guitars happens in this little workshop, with everything being completely made by hand, just like it was when Amalio built his first guitar in 1966. Only the very best materials are used, this includes woods that are dried for a minimum of 7 years to produce guitars of the highest quality. A special finish is applied to all of these guitars to ensure maximum resonance and the most superb tone.

Amalio Burguet