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About Colin Keefe

Colin Keefe is a fine classical guitar builder based in in Nottinghamshire. He began building in 1985 from a makeshift workshop in his bedroom. This kickstarted his interest in guitar lutherie, prompting him to sign up to a guitar making course run by the Kinkade Brothers. He continued his studies at the London College of Furniture under the tutelage of Master luthier Michael Gee, graduating from the Musical Instrument Studies of Modern Fretted Stringed Instruments course in 1989. Furthering his study yet again, Colin then completed a 2 year HND course in Musical Instrument Technology, graduating with Distinction.

Following his studies, Colin put his expertise to great use by accepting a position with Patrick Eggle guitars as the supervisor of neck production. He also then completed a certificate in Adult Education, allowing him to accept a position teaching others the art of lutherie.

Colin Keefe has been a full time guitar luthier since 1993, and is a highly rated and trusted luthier in the Midlands. He is Classical Guitar Academy’s luthier of choice for all set up adjustments and repairs.

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