Guitar Footstool by FX Hardware


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A heavy duty guitar foot stool that is adjustable to 4 positions.

  • Sleek black finish
  • Metal construction
  • Sole grip on top
  • Feet to avoid floor slippage

5 in stock


The humble footstool; an essential piece of equipment for classical guitarists.  It might not be a flashy accessory, but it’s one that most classical guitarists will use at some point (and continue to use as a professional in lots of cases).

This footstool by FX Hardware ticks all the right boxes. It’s adjustable up to 4 positions, which offers plenty of scope for finding the right height. It feels very hard wearing and is not the least bit flimsy (unlike some lighter plastic versions). It has a soft plastic grip for where the foot meets the stool on top, and 4 soft plastic feet where the stool meets the ground.  This helps to avoid overall slippage. The FX Hardware guitar footstool is a full size stool, meaning it’s suitable for everyone. This footstool comes in a sleek black finish.

It doesn’t exactly turn any heads, but then it’s not supposed to! No bells or whistles; this foot stool is a great example of simple, effective design and engineering working in perfect harmony.