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Struggle to know what to practice?

Play the same thing over and over again?

Reached a plateau in your playing?

Little or no improvement?

We can fix that with immediate results!

Our Ultimate Practice Bundle has been specifically designed to give classical guitarists all of the necessary tools to achieve vastly better results from the very first practice session

Kenny Cormack

“As an aspiring professional guitarist I make a demanding student, but Ed’s ability to bring out your strengths as a musician makes this teaching style highly effective.”

Kenny Cormack, Buchanan Duo

What you will learn:

  • Why your practice has been hit and miss up to now

  • The 7 things you need to do BEFORE you pick up your guitar

  • The tried and tested practice sequence to master the technical aspects of any piece of music

  • How to correctly deal with errors

  • How to achieve perfection

  • How to build consistency into your playing

  • Dozens of ways to improve your

    • Repertoire
    • Scales
    • Technique
    • Rhythm
    • Pitch
    • Sight reading
    • Musicianship
    • Creativity
  • 17 ways to maintain your motivation

  • 9 methods to improve practice efficiency

Also Included:

  • Blueprint; an effective practice cheatsheet

  • Daily Practice Planner

  • Deliberate Practice Worksheet

  • Tempo Tracker

  • Hotspot Mapper

  • Sample documents

“Your Ultimate Practice Bundle has made all the difference! I can already see the impact after using it this week. Thank you so much!”

Steve Sampson, CGA Member

“Just to say how much I enjoy your lessons, I feel I am learning a lot, and come away feeling very motivated to practice. So thank you for all you are doing!”

Angela Johnson, CGA Member


Ultimate Practice Bundle Includes

The Practice Model

RRP £14

Your step by step guide to musical mastery. The only guide you'll need to gain technical mastery over ANY piece of music.

Practice Hacker Playbook

RRP £10

Over 100 Tips, Tricks and Ideas to stay motivated, inject creativity and inspire limitless fun into your practice!

The Blueprint

Exclusive Download

Your super simplified, easy reference guide to help you stay ultra focussed and on task during every practice session.

Practice Toolkit

RRP £4

Additional resources to help you organise and track the finer details of your practice.

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RRP £28

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